Cash For Clunkers

If your water treatment system is over 10 years old, technology has improved greatly and it could be costing you money! Our new systems can offer you better efficiency and lower operating costs!

For example, most old style water softeners regenerate based on time-of-day, not on your home’s actual water usage. Now, Culligan’s exclusive, high efficiency, patented Smart Sensor™ technology constantly monitors water so it regenerates ONLY when needed. This will save you TWO TONS of salt and over 20,000 gallons of water over the lifetime of your softener when compared to the non-efficient models.

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With purchase of new Culligan Equipment we will pay for your old equipment:

  • Culligan Softener/ Filter: $400.00*
  • Culligan Reverse Osmosis System: $150.00*
  • Non- Culligan Softener/Filter: $250.00*
  • Non- Culligan Reverse Osmosis: $75.00*

*Applied toward purchase of new equipment
**Be sure to mention this ad when speaking with one of our representatives to take advantage of this special offer!

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