Sulfur In Water

sulfur in water

Sulfurous water generally refers to water with dissolved hydrogen sulfide content or the presence of sulfur bacteria. This particular problem water most often affects homes or businesses using well water, those in areas where the water supply could be easily compromised, or areas that may be poorly or irregularly treated and monitored. If sulfurous water is localized, it may also be a sign of a contaminated water heater.

Problems with sulfurous water

While hydrogen sulfide content and sulfur bacteria in water is not inherently dangerous, few would argue it’s pleasant. Sulfur in your water can also create slime that results in the growth of other bacteria, like iron bacteria, in water. Presence of these bacteria can lead to problems with plumbing and appliances, eventually corroding pipes and fixtures.

Identifying sulfur in water

Look for these signs around your home that can indicate some level of sulfur bacteria or hydrogen sulfide in your water:

  • Unpleasant rotten-egg smell.
  • Odor that’s worse or more obvious from hot water sources.
  • Unpleasant taste.

Varying levels of sulfur can produce different degrees of odor and taste. If you have any questions about sulfur levels in your water, contact your local Culligan of Stockton Water Expert for a free in-home water test.

Treating water with sulfur content

While there are chemical treatments available for isolated sulfur contamination, the most common and effective way to address this problem in your home is with a water filter.

Most water filters work by passing contaminated water through multiple layers of media, like carbon filters and our unique media filters that trap hydrogen sulfide and other offensive chemicals. Each media layer is targeted toward a particular size or specific particle of dissolved substance, so what remains is water that’s cleaner, better tasting, and easier on your home.

Freshen your water with Culligan sulfur solutions

Culligan offers a variety of water filters that treat sulfur in water. Our state-of-the-art filtering products, remove the effects of sulfur economically and with minimal maintenance. We also offer softening and treatment solutions that address multiple water issues simultaneously. Schedule a free in-home water test to find out the right solution for your home.

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