Everything You Need to Know About Reverse Osmosis

Everything You Need to Know About Reverse Osmosis

Understanding what reverse osmosis is will tell you more about one of the most effective water purification methods, and apply this technology to your own home to ensure the highest quality of your running water.

What Is Osmosis?

To get a grasp of the reverse osmosis process, let’s start by defining osmosis in the first place. Osmosis is a process during which a solvent (most often, water), moves through a membrane that lets it evolve toward a more concentrated solution.

The result of this process is matching concentrations of the solutions on both sides of the membrane. One of the simplest and most common examples of osmosis is when your fingers turn wrinkly after spending some time submerged in water. Water from the outside gets through the skin cells, which are filled with a more concentrated solution.

What Is Reverse Osmosis?

Reverse osmosis needs the help of pressure to happen. A diluted solution is pushed through a semipermeable membrane, leaving a higher concentrate solution on one side, and fresh water on the other side.

How Can Reverse Osmosis Clean Your Water?

This process is used in water purifying technologies like our Aqua-Cleer® Advanced Drinking Water System, which eliminates a long list of impurities from your water: lead, radium, arsenic, salts, oil-based molecules, organic bacteria, or protein-based substances.

By filtering out these impurities, your water becomes healthy and safe for consumption, good for your skin, hair, and nails, and proper for gardening purposes. The effects that you will start noticing immediately are better-tasting coffee, tea, and baby formula, healthier and better-looking skin, and a general improvement of your well-being.

Other Benefits of Having a Reverse Osmosis Filtering System

Besides being extremely effective at cleaning your water, such a filtering system has other advantages, including:

  • It occupies little space in your home and comes in a variety of styles to fit your ambient;
  • It reduces the use of plastic bottles and the space you occupy in your fridge when using bottled drinking water;
  • Offers an endless supply of water whenever needed;
  • Overall, it helps you save money.

The systems we at Ising’s Culligan of Stockton offer are sleek, elegant, and performant, and our team handles everything for you, from installation to changing the filters.

If you are interested in this state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly way of purifying your water, contact Ising’s Culligan of Stockton via our website or by calling our number, 209-690-0007.

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