How do you know if your whole house water filtering system is backwashing?

How do you know if your whole house water filtering system is backwashing

Getting a water filtering system is a solution for many homeowners who wish to consume and use clean, soft water in their households. Not everyone is lucky enough to get good quality water directly from the tap, and impurities can often be found in normal tap water.

Fortunately, there is a simple solution to this particular problem.

What a water filtering system does is stop the impurities from flowing with water, by blocking them with a physical filter, or by using other technologies to make them adhere to each other or certain elements in the filter. We will further present a special kind of whole house filtering system, the type that permits backwashing.

What Is a Backwashing Whole House Water Filtering System?

Backwashing filters are tank-style filters that clean themselves regularly by making the water flow in reverse with enough power to remove and flush out the particles that were collected by the filter. While the water is being pumped in reverse, the filter is also fluffed out and renewed, so that it continues to perform as expected in the next cycle.

The renewal process is needed because, with time, as water flows through the medium (carbon, sand, garnet, anthracite, and other substances.), it creates channels where it flows more freely, diminishing the effectiveness of the filter. By going through the backwash process, the channels are eliminated and the medium restores its properties.

Is Your Water Filtering System Backwashing?

Whole house water filters that have a backwashing function trigger it periodically with the help of a valve that initiates the cycle when needed. The backwashing operation lasts a few minutes, up to 10 minutes for residential filters, and it leaves the filter back to its full capacity for trapping impurities and cleaning your water.

Do you want to learn more about backwashing whole house water filtering systems? Don’t hesitate to call Ising’s Culligan of Stockton and ask for a consultation. Based on your house’s structures, your needs, and the quality of water flowing through your plumbing already, we will help you choose the filter that fits you best.

To get in touch with us, simply fill in the online contact form you can find on our website, or call at 209-690-0007. We will be happy to help you get cleaner water with an effective solution.

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