Is Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Better For You? What You Should Know

Is Reverse Osmosis RO Water Better For You

Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems create extremely pure water by putting water through high pressure and filtering it through a very fine filter membrane, which allows the water to flow through, but filters out all other impurities and contaminants.

So that may have you wondering – is the pure water from reverse osmosis better for your health than tap water, or water filtered by other methods? Get the details you need from Ising’s Culligan of Stockton now.

Reverse Osmosis Water Is Extremely Pure, Contains No Minerals Or Other Contaminants

As mentioned, reverse osmosis water contains nothing but pure water. The process filters out all contaminants including minerals like sodium, lead, nickel, calcium, magnesium, fluoride, and chloride, as well as bacteria like salmonella.

If you have a water source that you are worried may be contaminated by heavy metals, bacteria, or other such contaminants, this means that reverse osmosis is a great choice. People who get their water from wells, for example, may benefit from this type of water treatment.

One thing to note is that your body does require certain amounts of minerals like calcium to maintain its functions, and RO water does not provide these. However, the amount of micronutrients in water is very small, so as long as you eat properly, this will have no effect on your health.

RO Is Not Necessarily “Better” For You Than Other Types Of Water!

At the end of the day, reverse osmosis water is not necessarily “healthier” than other types of filtered water, but if you are worried about contaminants in your water, it’s definitely a good choice.

RO water is completely free of all minerals and impurities that may be in tap water, or may even get through other types of water filtration systems. So if you think that you can benefit from completely pure water, reverse osmosis is definitely a good choice.

However, as long as you’re getting water from a non-contaminated source, and are maintaining a healthy diet with the right micronutrients and minerals, you probably won’t experience any significant changes in your health due to switching to reverse osmosis water.

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