What to Do About Lead in Your Water

What to do about lead in your water

Through water or other means, lead intake causes life-threatening health problems, including damage to the kidney and brain. It also interferes with the production of red blood cells. Lead has its worst impacts on young children and expectant mothers.

How Does Lead Get into Water

Water from natural sources such as lakes and rivers is generally safe from lead poisoning. However, it can get contaminated if it comes into contact with contaminated soil, water, food, metals, or paint.

Drinking water can also pick up lead elements after leaving the treatment plants as it moves through the piping system. While most piping systems are lead-free, some metallic pipes retain some elements of lead, which are equally harmful.

Preventing Lead Contamination

Below are steps you can use to curb lead contamination;

  • Water testing- Having your water tested is the easiest way to determine early enough if it has excess lead levels. For instance, at Ising’s Culligan of Stockton, we offer a free in-home water test to help consumers determine if their tap water is lead-contaminated.
  • Run water in the tap before using- When the taps are closed, water sitting in the pipes picks up lead. Letting the water run for a while before fetching allows the contaminated water to drain off.
  • Clean your aerator- The aerator usually collects and accumulates debris, sediments, and dust particles that may contain lead elements. You should regularly clean the aerator to prevent the lead components from getting into the water.

What to Do About Lead in Water

If you conduct lab tests on your water and determine that it is contaminated with lead, it is advisable to switch to bottled water for drinking and cooking immediately. However, the water can still be used for other domestic functions like washing, depending on the level of contamination.

Need to Test Your Water for Lead? Get in Touch Now

Lead-contaminated water poses a significant health threat to you and your family. However, at Ising’s Culligan of Stockton, we’ve got you covered. We will test your water using our sophisticated lab technology to ensure your safety and that of your loved ones. Schedule a free water test, contact us online, or give us a direct call at 209-690-0007 to get solutions to all your water problems.

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