What to Do If Your Water Softener Runs Out of Salt?

What to Do If Your Water Softener Runs Out of Salt

A water softener is a great solution if you’re dealing with hard water in your area, but it needs maintenance to function properly and keep softening the water. If you have a salt-based system, you need to regularly check if it still has the recommended amount of salt, and replace it once it lowers too much.

Why Does Salt Need Replacement?

Water filters that use salt need it for cleaning themselves. The water is filtered by resin beads that are in the main tank, and attract mineral molecules like magnesium, calcium, or lime. Once the resin beads start losing their efficiency due to the accumulation of minerals, the water filter needs to go through the process of regeneration.

During regeneration, a saltwater solution (brine), which is held in the second tank of the filter, is flushed through the main tank. The brine rinses off the minerals from the beads, making them fully effective again.

How to Check If the System Is Out of Salt?

The salt used for the brine is in the brine tank and needs regular refills to keep doing its job. You should regularly check the brine tank and see if it has enough salt. It should be half empty, and the salt shouldn’t look wet.

Water filters use different types of rock salt, and you can choose one that fits your preferences and your filter best. Check with the producer to see if there is any recommendation for their system models.

If the salt in your system doesn’t fill half of the tank anymore, you can do a cleanse and refill it with. Check if there are any lumps at the top or the bottom of the salt mass, and make sure you regularly clean the debris out of the brine tank, especially if you are not using purified salt.

Sign Up for Salt Delivery

If you want to keep your water filter in top condition and ensure that it always works within parameters, you can book salt deliveries. This way, you won’t forget to refill the tank when needed, and you will most likely get a better price for it.

We at Ising’s Culligan of Stockton deliver salt for water filtering systems and we are here to answer any questions regarding filters, softeners, their maintenance, and the right salt for each. Contact us online, or call us at 209-690-0007 to schedule a salt delivery, or a free in-home water test.

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