Why You Need A Water Filtration System For Your Home’s Well Water

Why You Need A Water Filtration System For Your Homes Well Water

Wells can provide clean, fresh, and healthy water for decades – but only if they’re set up, maintained, and filtered properly. An effective and reliable water filtration system is absolutely essential for your home’s well water. Don’t think you need a water filtration system? Here are just a few reasons that proper filtration is so important.

1. Protect Against Bacteria, Viruses & Other Microorganisms

Even if your well is clean and offers high-quality drinking water, it’s always possible for microorganisms like viruses, bacteria, algae, and amoebas to infect it. E. coli, for example, is found in the waste of just about every warm-blooded animal, and can contaminate well water on farms or areas where animal waste and runoff could come in contact with your well. Proper filtration and disinfection with UV can eliminate these harmful microbes, keeping you and your family’s water healthy.

2. Eliminate Silt And Other Tiny Pieces Of Debris

Well water can often contain very small debris like silt and sand in small amounts. This is not typically harmful, but can affect the appearance and flavor of the water, making it less appealing. With a filter, you can catch and eliminate these small particles.

3. Remove Contaminants Like Nitrate, Lead & More

Unfiltered well water can end up with quite a few contaminants including lead, as well as nitrate, which is found in industrial waste, septic systems, and plant fertilizers. Without proper filtration and treatment, your family could be exposed to these contaminants, which could cause serious health problems. In addition to proper filtration, we recommend doing a periodic water test on your well water to check for contaminants.

4. Get Better Tasting Water For Drinking, Cooking & More

With a great filtration system, your water will likely be higher in quality than the tap water you’d get from a municipal water supply. Your well water will be just as clean, delicious, and fresh as distilled or purified water you’d get from the store.

Whether you’re drinking a cool glass of water, boiling pasta for dinner, showering, or are using your well water for any other purpose, you can get peace of mind, and enjoy the highest quality well water possible.

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